Make The Kitchen Your Favorite Room

Make The Kitchen Your Favorite Room

Spending time in the kitchen should be an enjoyable experience where memories are easily made and new traditions are started. Whether you are cooking for family and friends or sharing the responsibilities, having a food prep area that is functional and fashionable is important. If you are ready to make the kitchen your favorite room in 2018, try these improvements to kick-start your journey.

Add Some Color

A new coat of paint isn't just a way to completely transform a room, it's also the most cost-efficient. For homeowners with limited budgets, just brightening the room with a unique shade of paint can help make the kitchen feel more enjoyable. Instead of surrounding yourself with white walls, opt for uncommon, bright colors or paint a statement wall for an added touch.

Upgrade Your Countertops

If you have dated or damaged countertops, it's likely that you aren't happy with them. In fact, countertops are often one of the most requested items included in a kitchen remodel because they take up so much surface area. Investing in beautiful, durable countertops can often transform the kitchen from your most hated to the favorite room quickly.

Focus on Flooring

The flooring in your home is often the first thing that visitors will notice aside from your front door. Installing high-quality flooring in a material that meets your personal design preferences can convey a lot about who you are to others that visit your home. Whether you like the look of wooden floors or the durability of tile flooring, we are sure to have the perfect fit to enhance your kitchen.

Make a Splash

With a wide variety of tile available, homeowners now have the option to install backsplash that is highly personalized. Don't like the classic subway tile look? No problem, you can get glass mosaic tile instead! No matter what your vision for the perfect backsplash is, we can help you get it!

Why Jeff of All Trades for Kitchen Remodeling in Tulsa?

If you are in need of a remodeling contractor, Jeff of All Trades is ready to turn your vision into a reality. With a budget and your wish list in mind, we can design creative uses of your space to reflect your style. Give us a call at (918) 629-9525 for immediate service to start your quote!