3 Commonly Requested Kitchen Design Features

3 Commonly Requested Kitchen Design Features

If you are planning out your perfect kitchen for an upcoming remodel, you likely have a good idea of what you want to be incorporated into the design. While there are standard items such as new countertops or new flooring that is generally obtained during a kitchen remodel, it doesn’t have to end there. If you want to master your kitchen remodel, consider these 3 commonly requested design features.

Kitchen Island

One of the easiest ways to decrease clutter in your kitchen is by installing a kitchen island with a cooktop. The biggest benefit of this is that access to wall cabinetry is still available while the island is in use. Provided that you have enough room for an adequately sized island, this will provide valuable food preparation and cooking room.

Under Cabinet Lighting

Installing recessed lighting underneath your cabinet not only looks great, it provides valuable additional light to areas of the kitchen that may be darker than others. Utilizing LED lighting, you will have a great bulb life that requires little to no maintenance. Depending on the brand or style of lighting you choose, they can easily be installed following the completion of your cabinetry project to provide a luxurious and exciting addition to your kitchen.

Hidden Appliances

Do you feel like your appliances such as the dishwasher or refrigerator detract from the look of your kitchen? In recent years, it has become popular for homeowners to mask their appliances to appear as just another cabinet or an access to a pantry as a kitchen design feature. This can help ensure that your kitchen has a consistent style without being muddled by dated or unattractive appliances that don't meet the overall style of your kitchen.

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